The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration (TWHNC) is pleased to announce a two member veterinary advisory committee that will be in charge of rules and regulations pertaining to the safety and well-being of one of the most important equine breeds, the Tennessee Walking Horse.



Modifications to May 20, 2015 Medication Drug Rules and Guidelines

For the 2015 Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration


After consulting with industry representatives, veterinary medicine practitioners, equine chemists and pharmacologists, the VAC has made several minor modifications to the TWHNC Medication Rules and Guidelines which were adopted May 20, 2015. The modifications will allow better compliance with the medication rules while permitting the most advantageous veterinary care for the event participants.

The VAC has recommended thresholds and withdrawal times for most common therapeutic medications which permit their use in accordance with generally accepted veterinary medical principals, with the requirement to allow adequate evaluation of the horse’s response to treatment prior to competition. Accordingly, the VAC has recommended a sufficient withdrawal period for each medication that the response to treatment could be evaluated before competition. The withdrawal period should be long enough that the systemic concentrations of the medication have dropped below the threshold. Practitioners treating Tennessee Walking Horses are encouraged to develop treatment regimens which allow adequate evaluation of the horse’s response to treatment prior to the event.

Attached to this Memorandum is the complete Medication Drug Rules and Guidelines, comprised of four parts: Rules and Guidelines, Medication Factsheet, Medication Fact Sheet Executive Summary and the Threshold Chart.

Recent Updates:

The panel consists of Drs. Jerry H. Johnson, D.V.M, and Phillip D. Hammock, D.V.M.

Using this website you may read the committee’s recommendations, read the press release distributed in conjunction with this announcement.